Turrus is an exciting aerial dance and digital art project, the first phase of which reached completion in March 2022. 

Long-time collaborators, artist-dancer Emily Aoibheann and digital artist 1iing heaney, in collaboration with illustrator Robert Mirolo, have been exploring the usurpation of the real by the virtual, adapting motion and spatial data-capture technologies merged with 3D animation and illustration to reveal previously unseen, private, uncanny, lurid and strange internal landscapes and dances of dissolution. We plan to continue the development of this work over the next two years, aiming for future performance and presentation to audiences in 2024. 

Other collaborators involved in this project include musician and sound designer Oliver Moloney and Algorithm creative production studio Dublin, with special thanks to Ross Ryder. This work emerged in part from a series of artist meetings hosted by Emily Aoibheann in 2020. 

The word Turrus comes from The Crying of the Wind, a travelogue of Ireland published in 1954, by occultist artist Ithell Colquhoun. 

The initial phase of development was made possible through funding from the Arts Council Circus Bursary Award 2021 and Fingal County Council Artist Bursary along with support in kind from Courthouse Arts Centre and Mermaid Arts Centre, Co. Wicklow.

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