A tale of impossible desire and necessary death in the meeting of material and immaterial worlds, Turrus plays with disintegration and loss within virtual and simulated paradigms, explored in part through the story of Ondine, a water sprite who desperately seeks materiality through an ill-fated union with mortal man.

Turrus draws from and features Maurice Ravel's ‘Ondine’ from his virtuosic suite of piano pieces Gaspard de la nuit (1908), music inspired by the ephemeral world of fairy tales. Ravel's ‘Ondine’ is replicated in recordings, made possible by those rare pianists dedicated to a life of physical discipline. In the recording, the artist body dissolves, but the music travels through time, a key to fragile transcendence.

Merging data-capture technology with dance, digital art, sculpture, performance and music, Turrus is a uniquely ambitious project illustrative of a new generation of Irish performance work. 

Team: Directed, choreographed and co-designed by Emily Aoibheann; co-creator, co-designer and digital artist 1iing heaney; performed by Isabel O'Grady; further performances by Annique Van Niekerk and Abby Evans; lighting by Sebastian Pizarro; co-design and AV by Ross Ryder; music by Oliver Moloney with Emily Aoibheann, Annique Van Niekerk, Michelle O'Rourke, Rob Mirolo; live sound by Robbie O'Reilly. Special thanks to Brian Dillon for further musical contribution. Additional art and design by Rob Mirolo. Special thanks to artistic consultant David Bassuk. Video by Steve O'Connor and Helio Leon. Photos by Monika Palova.

Support: This work is made possible through funding from the Arts Council Circus Bursary Award and Arts Grant Fund, Animation Ireland Immersive Innovation Award, Fingal County Council Artist Bursary, and support in kind from Courthouse Arts Centre and Mermaid Arts Centre, Co. Wicklow. Special thanks to Algorithm creative production studio Dublin.