A Linear Language

Graphic scores and aerial dance in artistic dialogue with artist Hazel Cardew.

To examine the edges between drawing and movement, through exploration of scores, dance notation and instructional drawing.

Both artists have historically traversed lines between disciplines to expand the boundaries of drawing and aerial dance respectively. Through creative exchange including dialogue and shared studio practice, this collaboration explores drawing as instruction for movement, and vice-versa, as the artists move between instruction and interpretation.

The collaboration will focus on discursive, methodological and artistic cross-pollination to research, unpick and test ideas remotely over a six-month period, concluding with in-person consolidation of research at the Uilinn in August 2022. Details of public engagement and sharing to be announced. 

More on Hazel Cardew's work:

Further words on the images: 

Graphic scores were originally used by musicians to investigate possibilities beyond conventional music scores. Scores for traditional, folk dance and martial art/ fighting related choreography also exist historically. Hazel draws on the experimental notation of modern dance pioneer Rudolf Laban. Anyone familiar with his Kinetographie Laban will probably recognise the influence on her work.

In April 2022, I spent a couple of days in studio with my aerial rope and Hazel's beautiful scores. Despite being out of practice with rope, something about the black line of the apparatus with Hazel's minimalist drawings cried out YES! 

Aesthetically, it was extremely satisfying. Physically, it was tough but rewarding. Since January, Hazel and I have engaged in several discussions on the subject of intertextual cross-disciplinary work, with a focus on aerial dance and graphic scores. The images you see here are based on a dynamic dialogue between us, continually exchanging dances and scores and ideas.

Thanks to Dance Ireland for facilitating my work through the Member's Studio access.